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Swinging from the top of the hills with the sparkling water beneath the hills. A sight that leaves you mesmerized for ages. This happens in Rishikesh when you can try the Giant Swing Sport. In Giant Swing, Rishikesh, there is a rope through which an individual has to pass from one point to another. The Giant Swing is an extremely adventurous ride that is not for the weak-hearted. Exploring the Giant Swing is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience depending upon the energy level of a particular person. The minimum age limit to try this super-fun sport is 12 and there isn’t any maximum limit, you just have to be sporty and courageous to try the Giant Swing.

Bring back your childhood memories live - in our style. If you remember the Swinging ropes of your childhood, then of course you will enjoy the Giant Swing that will keep your adrenaline going to a completely new height.

The Giant Swing challenges you to go beyond your normal comfort zone and plunge from 60’ ft height, attached to a network of safety ropes. In the beginning, it is like taking a free plunge down, but as you take that step, you swing across – trying to figure out- what is more predominant – fear or the thrill! Feel both at your own Hikers Adventure Park.

In this swing, the person is pulled back with a rubber band-style rope and is pulled back as much as possible, then thrown suddenly on the front side freely reaching at the height of 50 feet up in the air.

The exact location where the sport takes place is 17 km from Rishikesh and is known as Mohanchatti. The fascinating Giant Swing that takes place here is a delight to even watch to those who prefer not to ride it. Since the ride is present near the Holy city of Rishikesh, multiple people that come here are basically devotees or adventurers. As captivating as this sounds, actually exploring these is even more enchanting. The fact that these places are stationed amidst nature, the greenery, and the pious rivers, makes it more amazing than it already is.

Rishikesh, therefore, can be termed as the hub of excitement, fun, and sporty adventures, and what makes this fact even more fun is that the statistics of tourists visiting this place has enormously escalated in the past few years and is continuously increasing with each passing year. The city is extremely close to the Great Himalayas and is known as the Gateway towards the mighty mountains. Rishikesh is also commonly known as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. Entering into this city automatically boosts up the enthusiasm level inside the people.

Perfectly protected under the able guidance of the supervisors, the Giant Swing in Rishikesh is a safe and secure ride that people can easily opt for. Also, the heavenly locations present nearby makes the ride worth it. The climatic conditions of the city also remain calm and soothing and it certainly gives the people a positive vibe. Visiting Rishikesh is surely going to help un-stress your mind and soul and boost your confidence level as well.

You can also go for the most popular activity that is River Rafting in Rishikesh.

Highlights Of Giant Swing Rishikesh-

We know Rishikesh for an assortment of adventure sports and activities that attract visitors throughout the year. Giant Swing across the gorgeous valleys of Rishikesh to test your guts. Take a risky leap of faith from an incredible height of 83 meters. The towering Rishikesh swinging like a pendulum somewhere in the middle lies beneath it - a stream of the Ganges flowing from the Mohan Chatti, India's highest jumping-off point. Experience the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure under the supervision of a qualified professional.

The Giant Swing in Rishikesh, India, lets you enjoy twice as much bungee's freefall. With significantly more speed and almost as much uneasiness. Because of a unique process than bungee jumping. The enormous spine-chilling experience awaits you at Giant Swing. Swing single or in tandem through the verdant valleys of Rishikesh to face your anxieties.

  • Dare to jump from India's highest jumping point, which stands at 83 meters.
  • The exercise will begin under the supervision of New Zealand jump masters.
  • To ensure your safety, we will give you high-quality safety equipment.
  • After completing this thrilling activity, get your 'Dare to Jump' certificate!
  • Feel the rush of standing on India's first fixed platform, which offers breathtaking views of the Shivaliks and the river hall.
  • Discover one-of-a-kind activities from across the country. As you swing at- a height of 55 feet, take in the magnificent vistas.

In Rishikesh, India, relive your childhood in an enormous manor on this gigantic swing ride! We can do this thrilling trip solo or with a lucky companion who wishes to join you in- soaring through the skies! Make this a day to remember by sharing this tandem massive swing experience with a loved one. Fly across breathtaking scenery while screaming your lungs out alone or with a friend. The set-up complies with international safety standards, and a qualified instructor oversaw the entire activity.